Matrix Reality 3D ScreenSaver

Matrix Reality 3D ScreenSaver

An animated screensaver based on the famous movie trilogy "The Matrix"

Matrix Reality 3D is an animated screensaver based on the famous movie trilogy "The Matrix" from the Wachowski brothers. It will take you to the matrix world right through your desktop. The screensaver displays the typical matrix numbers in 3D special effects. Users are also allowed to change numerous setting controls of the screensaver, such as for determining the speed of the matrix and color parameters (color, gradient, mist and others).

Matrix Reality 3D has photo realistic 3D graphics, a full 3D environment and is customizable. It has three ways of showing the code: the traditional falling down, spiral mode or crazy 3D. Furthermore, it integrates soothing and enigmatic music thus giving the sensation of truly being in the Matrix fictional stories.

New to this last version is the support for multiple monitor display, plus the screensaver is not demanding on video requirements; to run it only needs DirectX 9 or better.

Great screensaver for fans though it does have limited actions. Unfortunately, it was released on 2005 so users will not be able to find full compatibility for Windows Vista. Also, it requires one license per computer.

If you have a good graphics card (ATi/NVidia) you will enjoy this screensaver better.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Great graphics
  • Nice animations
  • Custom controls


  • Not available for Mac
  • Windows Vista issues
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